Kula Fitness

Kula Fitness offers custom services and training for all experience levels.

Kula Fitness offers a full array of training formats and options to suit the current and ongoing needs of our clients.  Listed below are a few of our services and class offerings currently available for Corporate, Group, and Personal Training clients.

Group Fitness – Bootcamp, Strength Training, Strength & Stretch, Cardio & Conditioning, and Interval Training
Yoga – Introduction, Hatha, Restorative, Kids Yoga and Vinyasa
Personal 1:1 & Small Group- Training Sessions, Programs & Routines, Nutrition Tracking, Accountability, and Guidance

Corporate & On-Site Classes – Common for Businesses, Office Groups, Apartments, Associations and Other Groups & Communities.

For our Corporate & On-Site class structure, we offer a wide variety of class formats suitable for all levels, with a flexible schedule.  Our classes are tailored to the abilities of all students with many adjustments and alternative movements offered to ensure classes are enjoyable for all.  Programs can start with as little as one class and format a week, and grow into whatever the needs become to suit your groups interests and involvement.  Classes are scheduled for weekly frequency, varying formats, and the number of weeks for which the session will be effective.  Offering distinct session  periods offers the group an opportunity to try different class formats and sessions as may be best suited for their personal goals while maintaining interest for all who participate from session-to-session.  Contact us for more information about Corporate & On-Site Class options, pricing and availability.

Specialty & Event Classes:

For our Specialty & Event Classes, the sky is the limit.  We have offered unique services for Birthday Parties (Kids & Adults), Book Clubs, Boy/Girl Scouts, Religious Groups, Group Retreats, etc.  If you have an event and are looking for something creative and unique to do as a group, consider a group fitness class suited for all levels.  It can be a great way to bond with your group, no matter what the experience levels are for those attending.  Contact us for more information about Specialty & Event Class options, pricing and availability.

Facilities & On-Site Services:

Whether you are considering in-home or on-site services such as your Basement, Lunch Room, Conference Room, Warehouse, we’ve seen it all, or you are looking for someplace nearby, we will partner with you to ensure the right accommodations are available.  While the weather is nice, we’ll even take our workouts outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  Contact us for more information about facility requirements and alternative options for on-site services.